Tom Cruise ‘has Scientology coronavirus escape bunker as disease threatens to decimate cult living in cramped quarters’ – The Sun

8TOM Cruise has a bunker built to withstand a nuclear attack where he and other Scientologists can go to escape the coronavirus, it was reported.

It has also been alleged that church members are living in cramp conditions where social distancing to stop the spread of  Covid-19 impossible.

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Critics of the organisation have claimed members at two sites, the Pacific Area Command Base in Los Angeles, nicknamed Big Blue, and at Clearwater in Florida are living in cramped living conditions.

The church’s Twin Peaks base, in the San Bernadino Mountains, southern California,is supposedly built to withstand a nuclear war, reports.

It is said to have been built to exact specifications handed down by Scientology leader David Miscavige at a cost of $18 million.

The complex reportedly has special bunkers where Tom Cruise and John Travolta can escape to.

Karen de la Carierre, who spent three decades as a high-ranking church member, described the conditions as a “disaster waiting to happen” for members in the coronavirus pandemic.

“The buildings where these people are living should be reported to the health authorities,” she told the

Her husband Jeffrey Augustine, who is also an expert on Scientology, added: “In the buildings where Sea Org members live, such as the Pacific Area Command Base in Los Angeles, they are crowded three or four to a bunk in really tight dorms, with 20 or 30 people in a small room sharing a bathroom.

“Unlike companies that have shut down, Scientology is in a position where they want to keep going and they are trying to get people in.”

The church also has a 500-acre Gold Base facility in California, set in an enclosed campus and where Miscavige reportedly has a mansion.

There is also said to be a full sized theatre set aside for the church's most famous follower Cruise.

The Church of Scientology has been approached for comment.

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