Trump goads Steyer to ‘go away’ after dropping out of 2020 race

President Trump needled Tom Steyer for dropping out of the Democratic presidential race, urging the billionaire business to take whatever money he has left and “go away.”

“Tom Steyer who, other than Mini Mike Bloomberg, spent more dollars for NOTHING than any candidate in history, quit the race today proclaiming how thrilled he was to be a part of the the [sic]Democrat Clown Show,” the president wrote on Twitter early Sunday morning. “Go away Tom and save whatever little money you have left!”

In another posting, Trump suggested Steyer and Bloomberg would not use their fortunes against his campaign.

“I would find it hard to believe that failed presidential candidates Tom Steyer, or Mini Mike Bloomberg, would contribute to the Democrat Party, even against me, after the way they have been treated – laughed at & mocked. The real politicians ate them up and spit them out!” the president wrote.

Steyer, who dropped out of the race after a poor showing in the South Carolina primary election in which he failed to win any delegates, shot back at Trump in a tweet to say he is “prepared” to work to deny the president a second term.

“Donald, I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to beat you and save our democracy,” Steyer wrote.

He said he has “zero regrets” even though he spent more than $23 million on advertising in the Palmetto State.

Announcing his decision, Steyer said he would support whoever becomes the presidential nominee because “every Democrat is better than Trump.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden won in South Carolina, taking 48.4 percent of the vote.

Sen. Bernie Sanders came in second with 19.9 percent.

Steyer finished third with 11.3 percent, short of the required 15 percent needed to win any delegates.

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