Tucker Carlson jabs at businesses requiring customers to be vaccinated in move he calls ‘medical Jim Crow’

TUCKER Carlson compared businesses' vaccine requirements to "medical Jim Crow."

On Tuesday night, Carlson raged against separating vaccinated Americans from people who have not received the Covid-19 jab in certain stores, restaurants, and other service facilities.

During the episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, he said: "Pretty much everybody agreed that segregation was the worst thing this country ever did."

"Forcing certain categories of citizens into separate lesser accommodations barring them from public places, treating them like lepers, untouchable, that was completely immoral and wrong.

“Medical Jim Crow has come to America. If we still had water fountains, the unvaccinated would have separate ones.”

 “Most of us strongly agreed [segregation was wrong].

"Imagine our confusion today, looking out across the country, the very same people, literally the very same, [who] just the other day told us that segregation was immoral, are now enforcing segregation.”

Carlson claimed American businesses were trying to “punish” people “for sin” to “find out who has obeyed" the Covid recommendations.

Jim Crow laws were state and local statutes that enforced racial segregation in the southern United States after the Civil War.

The laws were enforced for decades and legally ended in the 1960s when then-President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has deemed the Covid-19 vaccine to be a safe and effective method of stopping the deadly spread of coronavirus.

Carlson made the comments after New York’s recently announced "Excelsior Pass," which tracks vaccinated residents by scanning a QR code on their cellphone that displays the CDC-registered vaccination status.

It's the first state to trial these so-called "vaccine passports” and The New York Times reported that over one million New Yorkers have downloaded it.

“If we’re going to make the ‘unvaccinated’ sit in their own unfashionable little section at MLB games, that’s going to make for some pretty embarrassing photographs sometimes,” Tucker continued.

“The new segregation looks a lot like the old segregation. And we wonder how they’re going to explain that,” he said, after playing a CNN clip saying white people were more hesitant to get the vaccine.

“White Republican men are dangerous, and they can sit at the back of the bus. In fact, they can walk. They shouldn’t even be allowed in public buildings,” Tucker added.

“That’s a story you keep hearing, you just heard it in very clear terms. No group in America is more likely to turn down the vaccine than White Republican men.”

Around 41 percent of the USA is fully vaccinated and over half of Americans have gotten at least one dose.

Back in April, Carlson repeatedly emphasized that he is not anti-vax and insisted that "this show has been adamantly pro-vaccine."

 The CDC guidelines recommend people get the vaccine after getting infected but they should wait 90 days after falling ill with the disease.


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