Tucker Carlson slams Biden's plan for 'normal' July 4th and says 'how dare you tell us who we can spend holidays with'

JOE Biden's comments about Americans having a "normal" Fourth of July celebration have been slammed by Tucker Carlson.

Carlson blasted Biden after his primetime address on Thursday when he said vaccinated people could celebrate July 4 with their families – but urged Americans to remain vigilant about the virus.

“Who are you talking to?" Carlson raged after Biden's speech. "This is a free people, a free country. How dare you tell us who we can spend the Fourth of July with?” 

“He said, there will be enough vaccines for every person in America," the Fox News pundit complained. "And if you take that shot, things potentially could get back to normal.

"No mention at all of the people who might not want to take the shot."

His comments come after Biden noted that if people get the Covid-19 vaccine, they could be celebrating holidays as normal.

He said: "If we do all this, if we do our part, if we do this together, by July the 4th, there's a good chance you, your families, and friends will be able to get together in your backyard.

"Or, in your neighborhood, and have a cookout and a BBQ and celebrate Independence Day.

"That doesn't mean large events with lots of people together, but it does mean small groups will be able to get together.

"A July 4th with your loved ones is the goal. But a goal—a lot can happen; conditions can change. The scientists have made clear that things may get worse again as new variants of the virus spread."

He confirmed that as of 1 May every adult in the USA could get the coronavirus jab and called on all states to ensure their residents were eligible to get it by that date.

He also noted that more guidance on "what you can and cannot do once fully vaccinated" would be released within weeks.

However, some Americans took issue with his remarks, like Jordan Rachel, a contributor for the conservative student movement Turning Point USA and Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan.

"Raise your hand if you're going to get together with WHOEVER you want to on the 4th of July and do WHATEVER the hell you want because you're an American," she tweeted.

Likewise, Jordan tweeted: "Here's an idea, Mr. President: Freedom."

"You know, I don't feel like waiting for permission from resident Biden, or anyone else, to celebrate the 4th of July with as many patriotic Americans as I feel like," commented another person.

The Truth Gazette, "a conservative news service to fight the Fake News," simply replied "No Joe" to a video of his address.

"I'm gonna spend 4th of July with my friends and family out on the beach like I did last year, watching fireworks, eating BBQ, and celebrating my FREEDOM!" the tweet continued.

"And guess what… the government can't stop me! Feel free to join us – I'll save you a seat!"

Another user wrote: "Did you see Biden read from the teleprompter? He said he might let us get together in small gatherings on the 4th of July. F*** him."

The speech elicited some positive response from the former National Finance Chair of Draft Biden 2016 Jon Cooper, who said normalcy by July 4 will be "something to celebrate" but not everyone agreed.

"That's what they said last summer. And then in the fall. Winter. Let's not forget the bulls*** promise of 'Back to church by Easter,' one person responded.

"We are being gaslighted by our government," said a second. "Hold back the hope until they break and then expect praise when people get the crumbs from the floor.

"This is not a bailout for regular people. It is barely enough to keep people alive."

Before Biden's speech, the White House issued a statement about the national holiday.

"As we approach July 4th, based on the best available science and the pace of vaccinations, the CDC will provide public health guidance for people as they travel, participate in small gatherings, and go to work and houses of worship," it read.

The news comes after Biden signed the $1.9trillion Covid-19 relief bill into law on Thursday, which includes $1,400 stimulus checks for eligible Americans.

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