Tycoon in UK's biggest divorce had fling with beauty queen

EXCLUSIVE: Billionaire at centre of Britain’s biggest divorce battle had romance with Russian beauty queen half his age who he wed and fathered three children with, his son reveals

  • Farkhad Akhmedov and his estranged wife Tatiana Akhmedova are fighting over their £453million divorce
  • Tatiana, 48, was awarded the huge sum, half the oligarch’s estimated wealth, by London’s High Court
  • However Mr Akhmedov, 64, insists that he divorced her in Moscow back in 2000
  • Now Tatiana is fighting her son Temur in court, claiming that he colluded with his father to hide his fortune and prevent her from receiving her settlement
  • During his evidence Temur, 27, said his mother had two affairs with younger men during the marriage
  • Temur also said that his father had a long-term mistress called ‘Anna’ whom he would break off from family holidays to visit at neighbouring resorts
  • Mr Akhmedov’s relationship with Anna Adamova, 37, began after he divorced Tatiana in 2000, insist sources close to the billionaire

The Russian oligarch at the centre of Britain’s biggest divorce battle had a long running relationship with a beauty queen almost half his age, who he is now married to and has three children with.

Details of the alleged love affair between Farkhad Akhmedov, 64, and stunning blonde, Anna Adamova, 37, were revealed by his son Temur Akhmedov in a statement submitted at London’s High Court.

Temur, a London-based city trader, is battling in court with his mother Ms Akhmedova, 48 over claims that he colluded with his wealthy father to conceal his fortune and ensure that she did not receive her £453 million divorce pay out. 

Farkhad Akhmedov, 64, an oligarch embroiled in Britain’s biggest-ever divorce battle, had a long-term relationship with Anna Adamova (together left and right), says his son Temur

Mr Akmedov and Anna (pictured together) are now married and have three children together

Sources close to the oil and gas billionaire Mr Akhmedov insist that his relationship with Anna (pictured) began after he divorced his estranged wife Ms Akhmedova in Russia in 2000 

Ms Akhmedova secured Britain’s largest divorce settlement from her ex-husband following the end of their 27-year marriage in 2016.

In his statement, Temur claimed that his mother was accepting of the relationship between his father and Ms Adamova but became enraged when he fathered a son, Suleyman with her, fuming that she was a ‘whore.’

Sources close to Mr Akhmedov claim that he only started a relationship with Ms Adamova after divorcing his former wife in Russia in 2000. 

But during a High Court divorce hearing in 2016 with Ms Akhmedova, the judge rejected his claims that the couple had already divorced and ordered him to pay his wife £453million, half his estimated £1bn fortune.

Mr Akhmedov refuses to recognise the High Court’s decision and insists that both he and his former wife are Russian citizens who divorced in Moscow 20 years ago. 

The tycoon has also maintained that he only started his relationship after Ms Akhmedova’s alleged affairs with two younger men. 

Mr Akhmedov (left) has been ordered to pay Ms Akhmedova (right) £453million by London’s High Court. He claims they are both Russian citizens and were divorced in Moscow in 2000 

Mr Akhmedov’s wife Tatiana hit the roof and called his then-girlfriend Ms Adamova (pictured together) a ‘whore’ when she heard that Anna was expecting their first child, it is claimed 

Temur has also revealed details about these alleged affairs in his statement, naming Mark Isle, the best friend of his best friend at school and art dealer Alexander Heller, as the two men.

Since marrying, Ms Adamova and Mr Akhmedov, an oil and gas tycoon, have gone on to have two other children; a son called Adam and a daughter called Ariya.

Aged 21, Ms Adamova was a contestant in the Miss Russia beauty contest, when she represented Moscow.

Her participant profile claimed that she enjoyed flying aircraft and sky diving and spent her spare time reading and doing crossword puzzles. It adds that she values ‘loyalty and kindness.’ 

Temur (pictured) has been taken to court by his mother for allegedly trying to hide his father’s wealth 

In 2009 she graduated from the Russian State University of Humanities in Moscow where she studied History of Arts.

Mr Akhmedov is an avid art collector whose collection is worth around £100 million.

He now lives in Moscow with Ms Adamova and their children.

Referring to his father’s relationship with her, Temur stated: ‘My mother learnt that my father had had a son, Suleyman, with his current wife, Anna a few months after he was born.

‘They now have two more children, a son called Adam and a daughter called Ariya. I love all three of them very dearly and still see them regularly.’

He added: ‘My mother knew about the relationship with Anna for some time before and it never seemed to bother her, but she was not happy about Suleyman’s birth and I heard her refer to Anna as a ‘whore’ who wanted to ‘take everything away from us’ after that.’

Temur also claimed that Mr Akhmedov would often leave family holidays to spend time with Ms Adamova and that his mother was ‘content’ with this.

Temur added: ‘My father would sometimes take a seaplane from where we were staying to stay at another resort for a few days; in later years he would do this in order to spend a few days with Anna who is now his wife.

‘This was known to my mother, and she seemed as content not to spend time with him as he was not to spend time with her.’

Temur also detailed the toxic relationship between his parents which saw them both lead separate lives.

He railed against his mother’s affairs, claiming they left him ‘ashamed’ and ‘disgusted,’ at how she conducted herself. 

Mr Akhmedov and Tatiana are fighting over his money estimated to be £1bn. The jewel in the crown is the Luna, a £350m superyacht (pictured) that used belong to Roman Abramovich

Other assets at stake include a £115 million art collection featuring paintings by Andy Warhol (stock photo), Mark Rothko and Damien Hirst

In addition to half of Mr Akhmedov’s billion-pound fortune, assets at stake include a private jet and an Aston Martin (pictured)

But in stark contrast, despite revealing his father’s relationship with Ms Adamova, he continues to describe him as ‘loving’ and ‘devoted,’ adding that his mother ‘openly betrayed him in front of his children and his household.’

The High Court has heard astonishing details of the unbelievable wealth that was showered upon Temur by his father. This included losing £35 million of his money at 21 while investing in the stock market; being given a £29 million flat as a student and a £120,000 Mercedes jeep for a first car.

He added: ‘My father is not only an immensely powerful and wealthy self-made businessman, but also a devoted father to me and Edgar (Temur’s younger brother) and all of his children. I feel an immense sense of loyalty and respect towards him.’   

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