Video shows disturbed woman kissing dead mom’s decapitated head in public

Disturbing video shows a mentally ill woman casually strolling down a British street with her mother’s severed head in a plastic bag — moments before she took it out and kissed it, according to reports.

Odessa Carey, 36, who suffers from schizophrenia, beat her 73-year-old mom to death with a mallet last April, and then left their home in Newcastle acting as if nothing had happened, Newcastle Crown Court heard.

Once back home, she decapitated her mom’s body with scissors and knives, even removing the brain, the court heard, according to the Newcastle Evening Chronicle.

She was then caught on video walking through the street holding a plastic shopping bag containing the head of her mom, also named Odessa Carey, the report says.

She also visited a number of friends — even pulling the head out and kissing it on the forehead in front of one of them, the court heard. She was later arrested hiding in the attic of a nearby house.

Judge Paul Sloan ruled that Carey had killed her mother but was not fit to stand trial on her murder charge, the Chronicle said. She was sentenced to a hospital order.

“You pose a very considerable risk if set at large,” the judge told her, according to the report. “It’s necessary for the protection of the public from serious harm that you be subject to a restriction order — i.e. subject to special restrictions before you could ever be discharged from hospital.”

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