What did Meghan Markle say about The Little Mermaid

MEGHAN Markle used the story of The Little Mermaid to describe her experience in the royal family.

During the bombshell interview the Duchess of Sussex likened herself to the character Ariel.

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What did Meghan Markle say about The Little Mermaid?

Meghan Markle recounted The Little Mermaid during the Oprah interview explaining the story of Ariel, who falls in love with a Prince and ends up losing her voice.

Ariel goes through trials and tribulations in the movie, as she trades her voice to Ursula, the villain, in an effort to become human for three days.

After singing to Prince Eric on the shore, she must find him and receive a kiss within three days and she will stay human forever.

If she fails to find him, she will remain a mermaid forever and belong to Ursula.

Ursula tries to deceive Eric by stealing Ariel's voice but it does not work as an enchantment spell is broken.

However, in the end of the film Ariel ultimately gets her voice back and gets the special kiss from Eric.

Eric and Ariel wed and set sail to their happily ever after.

Meghan related the story as it resonated with her personal experience while serving the Royal family.

The couple departed from the Royal family in 2020, no longer working as active members.

They sought refuge in California, living a low-key life while raising their son Archie during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

What did Meghan tell Oprah in the interview?

As the interview began, Meghan said she grew up knowing much about the Royal Family, adding: "I will say I went into it naively."

When probed by Oprah if she was "silent or silenced", she replied "the latter".

She even revealed she and Prince Harry married three days before their ceremony at Windsor Castle in 2018.

She said she didn't understand what the job was – and joked she had never looked her husband Prince Harry up online.

She added that she had not romanticized the job but admitted all she knew about the Royal Family was what she read in fairy tales.

The bombshell revelations come amid fears Meghan may never return to Britain after the chat.

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