White House commits to releasing Biden health report, provides no timeline

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White House press secretary Jen Psaki committed Monday to release a “comprehensive” report on President Biden’s health in the “near future.”

“Absolutely,” Psaki said in response to a reporter’s question at her daily press briefing.

“I don’t have a timeline but absolutely we will do that, and I’ll check and see when he is due to go back to the doctor.”

The White House has been quick to deny that Biden, 78, suffers from any serious health challenges.

Former President Donald Trump last year frequently accused Biden of being in mental decline. Trump said last week — after Biden tripped on the stairs of Air Force One — that he believes Vice President Kamala Harris may take the reins of government.

Biden this month called his second-in-command “President Harris” — repeating a gaffe he made once before.

Trump claimed last week that “there’s something going on” with Biden and that “you wonder whether or not all of the things that he’s signing, whether or not he understands what he’s signing.”

Biden fractured his foot in November while playing with his dog Major at his home in Delaware. Biden spokespeople initially said he was playing with the German shepherd, but the then-president-elect later divulged that he tripped on a rug while tugging the animal’s tail after a shower.

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