Who is Chris Kyle's son Colton?

US Navy Seal Chris Kyle's widow had the heartbreaking task of telling their young children about their hero dad's shooting death.

The American sniper doted on his son, Colton and daughter, McKenna.

Who is Chris Kyle's son Colton?

Texas hardman Chris Kyle became a household name after his autobiography, American Sniper, was adapted into a movie by Clint Eastwood, starring Bradley Cooper.

Ex-Navy SEAL sniper Chris was killed alongside his pal Chad Littlefield by Eddie Ray Routh, a former Marine, at a shooting range in Erath County, Texas on February 2, 2013.

The pals – both doting dads – died at the range when Routh shot Chris seven times and Chad six times, before taking off with the American sniper's pistol and truck.

Taya and Chris Kyle had two children during their marriage, a son named Colton and a daughter named McKenna, who are a year-and-a-half apart in age.

The eldest child Colton was nicknamed "Bubba" by his father, while McKenna was affectionately dubbed "Angel".

Adorable pictures with their father show them dipping their feet in Texas soil to make a mould when they were babies.

Chris coached his son’s tee-ball team, and took his daughter to dance practice.

Taya told ABC News of the horrific moment she told their children about Chris's death.

She said: "I remember just closing my eyes, the tears rolling down and me just trying to breathe."

Taya poignantly posted on Facebook: "I feel you in my heart and soul so strongly. I am more blessed to have been your wife than anything else in my life.

"I loved you yesterday, I love you now, and I will love you all the days of my life."

Taya later wrote a book, American Wife: A Memoir of Love, War, Faith and Renewal about their marriage, and the aftermath of her beloved husband's death.

Little is know about the two children, but Taya is active on social media, where she discusses her love for her late husband, and her work for the Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation (TACK-F).

She explained recently on Facebook to her 1.8M followers: "I volunteer at TACK-F as the E.D for the majority of my workday.

"We’ve got some big things happening there! Such a blessing to be able to help service families help themselves.

"I make money for the kids and me with other business deals."

Taya also reflected on her love for Chris, with a glowing recollection of "the way he walked… the way he carried himself…said everything to me.

"Calm, confident, strong, easy-going, able to ride things out… kind to the people who were kind to us. He was a family guy and a wild soul."

Regarded as one of the most lethal snipers in US military history, Chris served four tours in Iraq.

His sole mission in Iraq was to protect his fellow servicemen – his 'boys' who hailed him as "The Legend" for saving countless lives.

Since his funeral in 2013, Taya "has been overwhelmed by the number of veterans who want to tell her that Chris Kyle saved their lives," writes D Magazine.

Taya said that Chris "loved being a dad. A lot of fathers play with their kids, but he was always on the floor with them, rolling around, making everyone giggle.”

The website recalled how, "a man with a two-year-old girl wept as he explained that his daughter would not have been born had it not been for Chris Kyle rescuing him in Iraq."

American Sniper, his brutal and graphic book about his life, became a
bestseller in 2012 and the film was optioned shortly afterwards.

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