Why is 'Cierra Green aka ICierra dead' trending?

A FLURRY of activity surrounding Cierra Green's TikTok account has led some to believe she could be dead.

The TikTok sensation, known by her account name @icierra, is rumoured to have passed away on May 24, unconfirmed reports suggest.

Who is Cierra Green?

Cierra, whose real name is Elizabeth Smoree, is a 24-year-old social media star with channels on TikTok and YouTube.

ICierra was known for her "dynamic" and uplifting content that typically included her in "cosplay" costumes.

She also posted edited clips of cartoon sketches that represented her life, including one Spongebob character Patrick Star running away from Sandy Cheeks, which is a squirrel dressed in a swim suit.

The video is captioned with text suggested it was a farcical re-enactment of the young woman and her sister running away from their mother.

Cosplay is when someone dresses up in a costume to splay a specific character.

According to ONO TV, she had 294,000 followers.

She an avid Furries and Jacsepticeye gamer, according to Heightzone.

She made her first TikTok post in March 2017.

According to HeightZone sources, ICierra's confirmed she had mid-high functioning autism.

Why is 'is Cierra Green dead' trending?

Unconfirmed reports of her death first began circulating online on June 17 after users noticed her TikTok account handles had been deleted.

Several sites claim Cierra died on May 24 and said the cause of death was still unknown.

Rumours of her death had been rife for weeks, as well as reports that she may have died as a result of longstanding health issues.

Information about her death was released on Thursday by Celebrities Deaths, though many are challenging the claim.

A YouTube clip paying homage to TikToker is littered with comments she was actually still alive.

No officials or family have confirmed she has died.

Cierra was born on May 21, 1997 and lived with her mother.

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